Assignment 4: Formal Portrait Project Vol. 3 Zangmo, Buddhist Lama, 60

公開日: : 最終更新日:2014/08/09 ロンドン芸大 / Uni Arts London, 写真学び / Photography study ,

Lama Zangmo is originally from Denmark. She first became a practising Buddhist in 1977. After 11 years and half long retreat, she was in charge of running  the Kagyu Samye Dzong Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre in Lodon in 1998.

As my interest of mediation, I asked to photograph the lama. I have been interested in meditation for a few years. As a malti-task work, IT product and social network occupy my daily life, I could not concentrate on what I should do. Therefore I joined Vipassana meditation for 12 days in India last October. This was a valuable experience for me though limited period. Meditation is a good method to observe an inside of myself without a new information from outside. To be honest, it was very difficult for me only to focus on breathing and feeling a sensation from my body. However, I could review my past experience deeply and finally succeeded to observe my self silently.

In this time, I hoped to take a picture of her inner strength and silence.  Considering her 11 years retreat experience, I should capture her silence and serous face. But  it was my stereo-type image.  She was actually nice smiling. I asked her to pose both serious and smiling faces. After editing, I sent several serious face photos. But she gave me the kind feedback that she prefers a smile one. I think this process of communication is surely important. The observation and shooting time are not always enough length. Then I need to photograph within the limited time. Sometimes the preference between a model and photographer is not same. But I think it is start point to communicate with each other again. I am interested in the reason.

I read my favorite book’s description about “expression” again. I agree with the idea that art is not self-expression. It is the process to know my source and model.


#10 Art is not self-expression

It is the self expressing all of the elements of the culture that has shaped it. We filter the ambient information that surrounds us- from our families, from our communities, from the information that bombards us every day from myriad sources. We do not create this information; it helps to create su. We in turn start to interpret it and describe it to ourselves and to others as a means to understand it. This is the art impulse. Even works of pure imagination have sources outside of ourselves. Know your sources.

“101 Things to Learn in Art School”








#10 アートは自己表現ではありません

アートは文化そのものの表出なのです。私たちは日々自身、家族、社会からの様々な大量の情報を受け取っています。これらの情報は私たちが作ったものではなく、むしろ私たちを形作るものです。その情報を理解する手段として、解釈し自分やその他の人々に対して描き出していきます。これこそアートの衝動です。純粋な想像ですら、その源泉は自分たちの外側にあるのです。自分にとっての源泉についてよく知ろう。『アートスクールで学ぶ 101のアイデア』


Technical memo:

50mm/Ambient light from right side, right and front/ Reflector from left side


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I got my new PCM sound recorder ZOOM H1. I try



My new research has just begun. I’m visiting Sri


修了制作フィールドワーク:Cafe Natural Coffee

  The natural coffee bean is served in


コーヒープロジェクト編集中。1%をどう選びとるか。/Editing Coffee Project. How to choose only 1%.

Photo: カフェラテ初挑戦。 8月8日〜9月23日の6週間を過ごしたスリランカでのリサーチ


The Portraits of Natural Cafe staff in Kandy, Sri Lanka / ポートレイト@スリランカ

At the inside of the cafe which was not renova



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